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Key Features of Business Intelligence

Different companies will spend on a BI solution for different purposes relying on their particular industry and circumstances. Irrespective of individual agenda, here are some major features that you need to insist upon in a BI solution, no matter its application circumstances.

microsoft business intelligence
  • Executive Dashboards - With a business intelligence dashboard, the leaders of organizations attain a real-time overview of their business in the form of charts, graphs, summaries, and other information reports. They let the executive create better, faster, and smarter decisions.
  • “What-if” Analysis - Being curious about the way future decisions will impose impacts on your business, you can proceed with a "what-if" analysis with the utilization of past data for forecasting the potential impacts. This tool proffers you with an objective view of the rewards and risks engaged in every potential decision, and lets you plan for a better future.
  • Ranking Reports - Ranking reports allow you to view a business's worst and best-performing facets without much of a stretch, right from products to marketing campaigns to salespeople. You can ogle rankings across several dimensions and spell numerous criteria out for spotlighting your outcomes.
  • Geospatial Mapping - Applications utilizing location intelligence can take your information and make its transformation into cartographic and graphical representations, to simplify your geographical data. This feature of business intelligence solutions succour you in recognizing easily which regions are executing better than others and which ones require specific attention.
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  • Interactive Reports - With this feature, users can condense ample amounts of accumulated data into various possible views. Users can get the benefits of attributes such as statistical analysis as well as regression for inspecting trends, outliers, and anomalies in the data.
  • Pivot Tables- Pivot tables in business intelligence solutions automatically can extract vital features from a messy and large data set. They can execute calculations like sorting, averaging, or counting the data cumulated in one table and screen the summarized outcomes in another table. Pivot tables are vital tools for finding hidden trends out and scrutinizing information.
  • Operational Reports- At the end of a day, this feature can offer a detailed summary of the daily events to the organizational executives, providing them with the information they require for crafting critical decisions.
  • User-centric Security - If you want to restrict access of certain users to specific data sets, your BI tool should let you customize your BI applications and features to user groups or individuals. Some solutions offer user-centric data sources, where a single application drags from various data sources relying on who is utilizing the application.
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  • Ad-Hoc Reports - Instead of burdening your IT unit with a request for detailed reports, ad-hoc reports are crucial BI features that allow your non-technical end-users to originate their reports on the fly. Users can select the aspects that they wish to be elicited in the report, to emphasize only those elements that are pertinent to the query.
  • Open Integration- Smart business intelligence platforms can access your organizational data and information from social media, email, websites, and so on. For instance, rather than offering your internal sales data only, the BI platform could go with that information with comments and reviews about your products.

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microsoft business intelligence

Advantages of Business Analytics Implementation

The advantages of BI tools are plentiful. Here are some:

  • Accurate and Relevant Reporting- With the utilization of diverse data source types; organizational people can personalize their reports and track KPIs. Real-time originated reports provide the most relevant data that assist organizations to create faster and greater decisions. Data from operations, finance, or sales are utilized for easily making accessible reports, have better visualizations with tables, graphs, charts, and so on. These reports provide faster relevancy, accuracy, access, and insights.
  • Key Insights- Business intelligence reporting tools succour to monitor, for attaining the comprehensive insight on productivity, gains, losses, and revenue of the organizational people, employee performances. It proffers important information about the negatives and positives. These tools assist organizations to monitor the metrics without much of a stretch and are current with what is taking place and what is to come with the establishment of alerts, attaining real-time information on KPIs, and alerting any downside that could have left unnoticed otherwise.
  • Accurate and Quality Data- Any sort of success within an organization is dependent on data. Data quality denotes the company’s quality along with its success. Any flaws or inaccuracies in the data can twist ventures upside down. The tools of business intelligence solutions support ventures to clean up data, create high-quality data, accumulate, update, and analyze data for gaining the most pertinent insight on what is happening with the organization.
  • Optimized Customer Satisfaction- BI software mainly assists organizations in learning about their organizational people and customers as well. When it comes to feedback, user personas, customer behaviour, business intelligence allows you in on all the insights. These business intelligence tools succour in recognizing what is deficient with your products or services and improve customer satisfaction to make vital changes. Real-time data on the feedback of the customer assist to bring corrective changes and provide with brilliant customer service and satisfaction.
business intelligence solutions
business intelligence services
  • Faster Decision Making- Business intelligence services minimize the times an organization has to lose revenue, a customer, or manage slow processes or inaccurate information. It is vital in attaining a competitive edge for organizations for making accurate and faster decisions to grip the existing data, at the right time, and optimize decision-making.
  • Optimize Growth Patterns- Business intelligence services help organizations to attain a competitive advantage to assist them in discovering new opportunities and construct smarter strategies. With all data, you can inspect the trends of the market and assist in improving profit margins for the organization. New trends of sales can be inspected to grasp data from the external and internal markets to scrutinize the data. The market conditions can assist in spotting any business problems that can get ignored otherwise.
  • Better Operational Proficiency and Improved Revenue- The tools of business intelligence solutions provide business data that makes organizational people and leaders think about decisions created, strategies executed, and processes implemented. Attaining a 360-degree view on all dimensions assists organizations in recognizing issues and improving operations, improved sales, and scale up revenue in turn.
  • Bigger Profits- According to ventures mostly, profit margins are a big concern. BI tools can scrutinize from the ample data volumes any inefficacies, discrepancies, errors, and so on. It succours in extending profit margins, and the sales teams attain better insights for future sales and inspect where to expend the costs in the future
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Why choose us?

If you want to implement Microsoft business intelligence today in your organization, feel free to contact us now. Here are some reasons to opt for us.

  • Security Compliance- The professionals of BizzmanWeb are well-aware of data compliance as well as security standards to assist in creating secure and sophisticated data flows.
  • Proven BI Expertise- Being a professional BI company, we have proven track to aid various clientele globally with our analysis and reporting services for driving better performance on data.
  • Modern Technology Utilization- The BI consultants of BizzmanWeb utilize the latest technologies and tools for building secure and effective business intelligence solutions.
  • Transparent Approach- We have flexible models as well as a quality approach that direct companies in defining strategic success and achieving business goals and objectives in a typical timeframe.


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