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Effectiveness of accounting module in ERP solutions

ERP solutions

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It is 2021 and the time of DOS is finished. Tally accounting solution is considered a dominant accounting system player that secures decades of Indian market presence. Things have got immensely changed in accounting as cloud-based accounting has come into play. The accounting module in ERP solutions provides you with an intuitive and seamless user experience that has a striking design that is super accessible.

The latest and innovative features in accounting ERP

Here are some effective features in accounting ERP that are not present in the traditional software.

Cloud-based- You can obtain 24×7 access from any location, even if you are in transit.

Mobile responsive- It includes a mobile-responsive design that can be gained from your Mac book, laptop, PC, mobile, or tablet.

Integrated CRM- With accounting module in ERP business software solutions, you can maintain follow-ups, leads, send quotations, and monitor sales reps with GPS ensured Mobile App.

Sales executive module- Originate reports and graphs for analyzing transactions of any Broker, Agent, or Sales Executive.

Business insight along with analytics and dashboards- Produce dynamic graphs as well as reports for scrutinizing your data based on different criteria.

Man management- Monitor cost of every job, profitability from a client, and each employee performance.

Proforma invoice linking or Delivery Challan- Directly formulate invoice from Delivery Challans or Proforma Invoice and monitor unbilled challans.

Incorporated help desk for after AMC and After Sales Support- Dashboard for tracking complaints, monitoring support team, allotting tickets, and obtaining customer feedback.

MIS alerts- Get Email or SMS alerts for daily sales and collection, stock below reorder level, and so on.

Email/SMS integration- Send automated Email/SMS alerts for events and transactions.

Integration of payment gateway- Accept payments via credit/debit cards, net banking, and many more and formulate receipts.

Multi-company/Department/Branch- View centralized data from several ventures, departments, or branches.

Multi-location access- Numerous users from different locations can access and update data simultaneously in real-time.

Multi-window operation- Simultaneously perform on several vouchers without concluding a current transaction.

Configurable reports and screens- Add or omit columns without much of a stretch from reports and screens.

Document management- Attach JPG/PDF to every voucher and print/view with a quick search.

Role-based security with audit trail- Provide restricted rights to users and monitor each user’s activities in detail.

Learning curve- You do not have to do a course or be a professional accountant.

Approval system- Check and approve simply entries rather than entering data yourself.

Now, a question can poke in your mind- “what are the benefits of the accounting module of ERP solutions?” Here is the answer.

Real-time access to data- If you endure several factories or offices, all users from all locations simultaneously can update or create entries and access pertinent information. You do not have to fret about data synchronization as it is all done in real-time.

If you want to transit, ERP software solutions allow you to access your data in real-time from any location. You can access your data with the utilization of your laptop, PC, tablet, mobile phone, and Mac book.

You can grant particular access to your field staff, and they can update information in real-time with the utilization of their mobile phone. It can assist you in capturing data at the source and simplifying MIS and reporting.

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Analytics- Business is all about obtaining the right decisions at the right time. ERP solutions succour business proprietors in crafting informed decisions as they track their business KPIs effortlessly. All stakeholders regularly are updated about multiple elements of their business via MIS alerts. Besides, they secure information obtainable at their grips as they can access their dashboard and all graphs, reports, and data from their mobile phone.

Usability- ERP software solutions extremely are accessible as well as intuitive. It can be operated without much of a stretch by anyone if he or she does not have prior knowledge about accounting or training on software. ERP can be utilized in SMEs wherein the business owner would like to have user-friendly effortlessly and comprehensible accounting information as well as reports.

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Cost- ERP business software solutions are reasonable as you do not need to purchase several licenses if you have several offices, factories, and godowns across the country. Besides, ERP has been crafted with the utilization of a powerful database management system (MS-SQL) and the latest technology, so you do not have to purchase costly server large data copy.

Here are some effective and major benefits of the accounting module of ERP. There is a bunch of benefits that you can get with the implementation of ERP. Get in touch with us if you want to have ERP solutions for your business.

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