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Ten steps to incorporate the best ERP software solution for the manufacturing industry

best ERP software solution for the manufacturing industry

ERP Software Solution | By Admin

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a management solution that is the key infrastructure of any manufacturing process. It bridges every function within the company offering all needed data to navigate the venture productively, profitably, and efficiently. It can undertake customer relationship management, customer orders, plan production and purchases, run accounting, manage inventory, maintain HR functions, and deliver comprehensive reporting tools. Each operational task can be tracked in real-time with effective ERP Software Solutions.

If your manufacturing business does not have an ERP system or your ERP system does not conduct any above-mentioned tasks or do all tasks stated above inefficiently, improperly, or slowly; then you should make your decision to upgrade the ERP system or to elicit a new one.

How to find an adept ERP Software Solution?

Finding and getting significant ERP solutions in Kolkata that gratify your specific perquisites can be exigent. This article will focus on guiding to opt for the right ERP system for the manufacturing industry.

1.  Recognize the issues needed to be solved:

You might be controlling your inventory on spreadsheets and manually shifting your inventory data to your accounting system. It is an error-prone, unproductive and time-consuming utilization to staff that could be totting up value elsewhere. The solution would be to secure a system that integrates inventory and accounting seamlessly, which an ERP can offer.


Do not stop there. Conduct a review of all your organizational processes. Does any process need manual or double entry? Do you need to improve any process with automation? Are you looking for faster and better reporting? Are you facing issues to reach industry compliance needs?


Summarize the outcomes with a cost-benefit analysis. Do the profits balance the cost? If so, get ready for the next step to have ERP Business Software Solution for the manufacturing industry in Kolkata.


2. Obtain buy-in from key stakeholders:

Key stakeholders and executive management should be motivated for changing and eliciting themselves in the evaluation process. The cost-benefit analysis secured in the previous step will be of effective assistance to grasp them on board.


It is a beneficial argument while winning over that ROI does not purely approach from cost savings. It also can come from improving performance that results in uplifted customer and satisfaction and better facilitate-of-utilization can escalate employee satisfaction and retention.


3. Involve an internal product champion:

Preferably, a stakeholder and a person who is encouraged and excited at the opportunity act a crucial role in on-boarding a new and advanced ERP system.


4. Be sure the system is ‘future-proofed’:

As ERP is the main infrastructure, it should be resilient enough to scale with the company up. Ensure an open, modular, and flexible system. It should play effectively with others, for instance, utilization of EDI to assimilate with customers or integration with suppliers for ‘just in time’ manufacturing.


Can the system modular accept new functionally enough based on the upgraded manufacturing advances? Is the system versatile? Will it grow as your business escalates?


Make sure the reactions of these queries are ‘yes’.


5. Ensure the system provides mobile access:

Is the mobile access is an application established from the ground up or is it just a link to desktop web browsers and formulated to harmonize the desktop version? The latter is what you consider. You desire users to be as productive on tablets and smartphones as they are on office desktops.


6. Confirm the system is user-friendly:

An ERP system in manufacturing will have a vast range of users. Fundamentally, the interface should be structured logically and intuitive to utilize. Well-created interfaces can consequence in improving employee satisfaction and increased productivity.


7. Wisely select your development option:

You can be provided with a choice of on-site, hybrid or a cloud deployment solution. The Cloud ERP Software Solution has matured to the point where the advantages far compensate those of an on-site solution.

  • Upfront expenditure is reduced as cloud-based systems operate usually on a pay-as-you-go context.
  • The overhead of IT staff is minimal as upgrades and maintenance are undertaken by the vendor, the software is latest always.
  • Cloud-based systems are scalable infinitely.


8. Assure vendor provides training and support option:

Make sure your ERP Solution Consultant in Kolkata trains initially a handful of core personnel throughout the company. To be internal trainers, they will support staff. Their efforts can complement the hard works of the vendor and their availability will be much enhanced.


Assemble a training schedule with your vendor and carry out the time of your staff to the instructional sessions. It is meaningless to invest resources and time into the implementation of a new system if no one knows its utilization.


9. Select a vendor who understands your business:

Do not opt for a vendor who impresses you with tech speaks while selling the advantages of his ERP Software Solution for the Manufacturing Industry. You want to perform with a vendor who comprehends the manufacturing challenges. Someone who recognizes the problems you are spotlighting to mitigate, and can accordingly outline their solution.


10. Make your decision:

Go for an end-to-end manufacturing ERP that combines CRM, supply chain, financial management, and industry-specific ERP Software Solutions in Kolkata in one flawless system. It can provide you with the foundation to uplift and compete in this digitalization era.

You can contact BizzmanWeb, an ERP Software Consultant Company in Kolkata today to bag cost-effective ERP consulting solutions. It can make your business observe improved productivity and ROI with efficacy.

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