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Key enterprise functionalities & reporting systems customised for your specific industry

erp solution kolkata

Merging Simplicity and Innovation
with ERP solution

We implement a simplified approach to build robust ERP solutions that ensure success. As an ERP system is a central part of business operations, we bring out innovative ideas and implement those effectively to create something unique for customers. At BizzmanWeb, you can hope for satisfaction and lifelong association


Being an ERP software company, we build scalable and robust ERP solutions that work well to meet your business objective in the shortest period. The successful implementation helps to deploy novel software, as well as upgrade existing operations to earn revenue and decrease costs.


ERP solutions enable streamlining end-to-end business operations and promote interaction between internal and external interactions. The workflow management and easy user-interface let you carry out business activities smoothly.


You experience better workflow communication and fast replies internally as well as externally. It accelerates actions on important events by sending notifications to people automatically through email or internal messaging within or outside your organization.


Our ERP implementation consultants can help you plan, execute, and manage production with ease. It gives you a competitive edge, boosts financial management, and escalates ROI. We offer software solutions for every type of business.

ERP Software


Why is BizzmanWeb ERP solution the best for your venture?

Latest Technology & Integration

The ERP software solutions of BizzmanWeb always have been pioneers in providing solutions pertinent to a venture. Also, we have been pioneers in providing foremost marketplace integration with warehouse management and other ERP functions on a single platform. Our ERP solution spots its light on the industry and it has assisted ventures to acquire their targets at a lower investment. We confirm quick technology upgrades according to the industry requirement that has succoured businesses in making one step ahead in the competition and highlights their key actions.

erp software kolkata
erp company kolkata

Our cloud-based ERP solution is a no-frills attached software solution, ready to utilize on the cloud for mid-market. Right from manufacturing organizations to export houses irrespective of size, our ERP solution can be a significant alternative thanks to the proficient team that formulates the migration to cloud-ERP from legacy system simple. Besides, our professionals will assemble in-depth training with remote desktop and on-call direct to convert your experience to the best one in India today.

Reliable and secure

BizzmanWeb is hosted on a world-class cloud platform to provide 99.99% uptime. It endures a setup auto backup that spreads in geography for enabling immediate recovery from any density. Our ERP consulting services confirm that businesses can securely access the system anytime from anywhere.

erp solutions
erp software solutions
Configurable and User friendly

Rated as the most accessible system in the industry, users from all literacy and age-group levels have without much of a stretch transited to cloud-ERP. Our adepts with their personalized one to one support and training confirms that users accomplish their day-to-day activities reducing time with our ERP system. Since we have a simple configuration option, it aids the team in changing workflow to adapt quickly to business and comfort.

Want to know more about ERP Software?

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Expert ERP implementation and Tailored Solutions

As an ERP solution company, BizzmanWeb implements its tailored servers, networks, security, and data management solutions throughout your overall company with data integrity managed plus no or little downtime incurred. Our skilled developers launch a new and advanced platform in your business in a seamless and profitable experience.

BizzmanWeb customizes ERP software solutions in Kolkata to formulate improved scalable, company-wide ERP systems to automate crucial processes and provide core data insights across mobile, on-premise, and web-based platforms offering real-time access to mission pivotal data.

erp consulting service
erp solution kolkata
Professional ERP Consultants and Custom ERP development

Our ERP implementation consultants in Kolkata scrutinize the current environment of your business to inspect the incompatibilities of diverse systems and craft strategies to migrate and integrate mission crucial ERP solutions into congregated infrastructure.

BizzmanWeb ensures customized functionality to off the shelf ERP software solutions to gratify your unmatched business model. Our adroit developers can automate workflows or Business Process Automation, integrate data imports and exports, and solution modifications by formulating tailored modules to craft a platform that smoothly functions for your venture.

Seamless Data Migration and Data Warehouse

Our highly-talented developers modernize legacy systems enabling data integrity when migrating legacy data, updating data infrastructure, integrating raw data silos, and picturing data landscape to pocket the advantages of data governance, data modelling, and efficacy from a solid process of data migration.

BizzmanWeb grips your picked central repository data warehousing systems of ERP to ETL the miscellaneous information from different sources and establishes several nodes for aggregation of data.

erp software kolkata
erp company kolkata
Effective Integration and ERP Administration Services

We utilize the centralized architecture of your selected fully-integrated business IT environment to head your business scalability by easing real-time data automation between systems.

We track the functionality of the back-end system for bugs, entire technical infrastructure support, and potential enhancements, offer Help-Desk support, troubleshoot system issues, Database backup, maintenance schedules, maintain communication, and security administration, and more.

ERP System Configuration and Upgrades

Being an ERP company in Kolkata, BizzmanWeb configures the ERP solutions with particular business intelligence, roles, fields, interface enhancement, modifications, and specific field addition, and more. Our configurations enable every new role is improved for a competitive edge against other ventures.

The developers of BizzmanWEb offer upgrades to enhanced support for older software applications. Improvising business and operations, they scrutinize the system's current state, need for an upgrade, any gaps that may require tailoring, and testing for heading the scaled-up version functions as desired.

erp solutions
erp software solutions
Customizable Dashboards and Powerful Reporting

The ERP consulting services of BizzmanWeb consist of tailoring the design of your selected SOA of ERP and program constructive platforms for decision support, predictive analytics, KPI monitoring, executive dashboards, performance scorecards, and many more.

The skilled developers of BizzmanWeb program tailored reporting attributes for real-time queries for succumbing data-intensive reports with business object data visualization through a multitude of the graph and charting approaches.


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