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How will ERP software enhance the operational efficiency of educational organizations in 2021

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Adjustment to the new normal accompanies the adoption of new technologies. The COVID-19 headed lockdown brought learning and education to a complete standstill. As a result, institutions converted into e-education delivery systems to ease remote learning. This turned into a proficient approach that gratified the obstacles of improving institutional operations consisting of academic and non-academic through virtual ways. The paradigm shift to virtual infrastructure from physical classrooms has changed the existing landscape of education. Though institutions are gripping ERP system for automating and improvising academic as well as non-academic operations, it is crucial to perceive what ERP solutions exactly do to manage them in staying ahead.

ERP solutions aid educational organizations are several ways of making their daily work processes seamless and highly improved. Here are some.

Automate work process-

Manually managing vital teaching as well as non-teaching activities remotely can be daunting. Be it a university, college, or school, administering numerous operations is difficult.

Besides, the continuous flow of data and information comes up with a detailed documentation process, wastage of time, and chances of errors. For these factors, over half of the activities of educational organizations remain incomplete.

Here, ERP for education sector comes to the rescue. The technologically advanced ERP software handgrips the excess amount of information to incorporate several work processes of an educational organization while making sure smooth synchronization, transparency, and proficiency across departments.

The software executes on a complete approach that administers the admission process, fee collection, student enrolment, formulation of question banks, conduction of assessment tasks, examination, report cards, and undertaking other management regarding activities.

Ever be in awe that a single platform could incorporate all administration operations? Apart from assembling the multifaceted operations for teachers, students, administrators, as well as parents, it assists to access, analyze data to ensure smart decisions. Furthermore, the automation of tedious activities minimizes workforce costs and induces quicker decision-making.

Upgrade effective communication-

Communication is the heart of any organization- whether it is a university, college, or school. For the duration of social and physical distancing, internal and external communication needs thoughtful consideration.

The institutions mostly employ a tailored ERP system for a personalized experience. This makes a proficient channel of communication among students, parents, and teachers.

The incorporation of diverse mobile applications set out to each stakeholder of the educational organization makes things improvised to optimize communication. The applications of students proffer notifications and updates on the timetable, assignment, submission, exam schedule, events, and so on. Likewise, the teachers’ app offers updated attendance records, assignments, check answer sheets, details regarding timetable, syllabus, and so on.

The information is accessible without much of a stretch to non-teaching staff and parents also to scale-up the communication flow between every stakeholder.

Certain modules effectively optimize communications in universities, colleges, schools. The primary module is the integration of SMS that sends updates to the stakeholders via messaging on personal mobile devices. Then comes the integration of Email that engages providing updates and information through emails that create a robust and professional communication like between the stakeholders.

For more personalized communication, multiple ERP systems are instrumented with an in-built messaging system that lets students, teachers, and non-teaching staff to share confidential information immediately and privately with each other.

Encourage data security-

Data is the most important asset for any organization, whether- it is non-academic or academic. Any damage to data can heave privacy concerns and impact the reputation of the institution. In the current context, when institutions are closed and authorities cannot be present each day, data security becomes a core concern for the stakeholders.

Data stealing and breaching is one of the greatest malicious attacks that impose negative impacts on institutional operations.

When it approaches academic operations, particularly- the student data like answer sheet, examination score, and report cards are more prone to manipulation. Secondly, the information regarding dues and fees could be removed or stolen that impacts the finances of institution.

Additionally, spammers can interrupt the messaging and email systems for their advantages.

Data, its backup, and security, consequently, are the core to determining a strong ERP solution for an institution. The systems that are incorporated with security features and can protect the institutional operations can upgrade the proficiency and productivity of the staff.

The adoption of ERP for School and Education management has drastically escalated. The convenience and comfort that the system offers to the institutions smoothen mundane work processes and saves huge time in executing these activities in a paperless manner. Besides, a minimization in documentation and administrative burden promotes the entire operational proficiency of the educational organization.

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