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Accelerate your voyage with proficient SAP Software Solutions

With 5+ years of experience in operating, implementing, and optimizing SAP application and serving diverse industry verticals, BizzmanWeb supports SAP excellence you can rely on.

Financial Management

  • Accounting- We repeatedly undertake all pivotal accounting process, like accounts receivable, accounts payable, and journal entries.
  • Banking and reconciliation- Our SAP business software swiftly processes bank statements, reconciliations, and payments by multiple methods consisting of bank transfers, cash, and checks.
  • Controlling- We properly maintain tax fixed assets, cash flow, monitor project costs, and control budgets.
  • Financial reporting and analysis- We formulate customized and standard reports from real-time data for reviewing audits and business planning.

Product Planing

  • Bin location management- Our SAP services manage stock in various warehouses, with the segmentation of each one into diversified subzones. We also optimize stock movement, minimize picking times, and establish rules of allocation
  • Warehouse and inventory management- We maintain an inventory with the utilization of numerous costing models. Moreover, we use various units of pricing and measure and manage item master data.
  • Production and material need planning- Our SAP services and solutions secure and manage multilevel BOMs (bills of materials). With SAP services, we release and issue production orders manually. Besides, we effectively maintain prices for BOMs globally
  • Effectual reporting- We spawn report with timely data, displaying them in several dashboards or formats.
  • Goods receipt and issue control- We proficiently record issues and receipts of goods, tracking locations and transfers of stock. We also enable drop-ship, consignment, and other orders and perform cycle and inventory counts.

Analytics and reporting

  • You can formulate dashboards along with reports offering insight into all business areas, together with the fully-blended SAP Business One and SAP Crystal Reports. Interactive drill-down and instinctual functionality succour you in enduring answer to your most pressing queries. Employees can gratify consumers’ impulses with a pace, and managers can efficiently track costs, cash flow, and revenues for assessing performance and grasping quick corrective action.
  • The SAP HANA version for SAP Business One delivers strong analytics in real-time for even faster data access, making it simpler for users for searching SAP Business One for the information you require and secure standard or ad-hoc reports in no time.

Business Intelligence

  • Intuitive tools- - We drag and relate, search assistance, drill-downs, and workflow-based alerts.
  • Interactive analysis- We utilize standard MS Excel features to produce reports and observe your business from new and improvised angles.
  • Report creation and customization- Being an SAP consulting company in Kolkata, we access data from various sources, generate new reports, and tailor existing ones in a variety of formats with minimal IT overhead.
  • Enhance your reports- We improvise your reports with commanding visualization by incorporating SAP Lumira for SAP Business One.
  • Analytics plus pre-defined- Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) assist you in perceiving average delivery variance days.

Sales and Customer management

  • Marketing campaign management- We formulate, control and scrutinize marketing activities.
  • Sales and opportunity management- With our SAP solutions, we track opportunities as well as activities from the first contact to the closing of the deal.
  • Service management- We effectually maintain warranty and service contracts, entering and responding to service calls quickly
  • Customer management- We store all vital data of our clients in one place, synchronize, and grip customers’ contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Mobilize your sales team- - Our SAP solution Kolkata manages sales information of our clients on the move with SAP Business One Sales mobile app.
  • Reporting and analysis- We construct detailed reports on all components of the sales process, with the inclusion of the sales forecast.

Purchasing and inventory control

  • Warehouse and accounting integration- With our SAP solution management, we achieve real-time synchronization of inventory warehouse levels and goods receipts
  • Master data management- We maintain detailed data in an accessible interface, viewing purchase analysis and account balance. We also manage detailed information about item purchased with tax information and price lists.
  • Procurement- We make purchase requests, good receipts ad Pos, linking purchasing permits and viewing document trails for audit purposes. Furthermore, we maintain returns, numerous currencies, and additional expenses.
  • Easier, up-to-date reporting- With real-time data, we create reports, screening them in multiple report dashboards and layouts.
  • Process accounts payable- We credit memos with a PO reference, planning your mat.

We craft an industry-specific solution for your improvising venture

  • We bring alignment in every operational component to the requirements of modern customers with our SAP Business One software. We foresee, plan, and maintain demands, providing products and services according to the purchasers’ crave.
  • We provide quality SAP business solutions in Kolkata, satisfying customer demands and boost up new revenue streams with SAP Business One to escalate cycle times, shrink supply chain costs, reduce scrap as well as pace time to profit.

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